Don’t spend your spring break sleeping in. Do something awesome with CSF. We have seven great spring break trips for you to check out, everything from relaxing on the beach to exploring New York City to serving with Habitat for Humanity right here in Kentucky. Check out the trips below.


To sign up and reserve your spot on a trip, simply pay your trip deposit (found at the bottom of each trip’s description). You can then pay for the rest of the trip by cash/check at CSF or online below. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. Final trip costs may change by as much as 10% as we make final arrangements (though this is unlikely).

Questions? Call OR text us at 859.273.5433 or email the staff member listed with each trip!


Already paid your deposit and ready to pay the rest?  You’re in the right place! Simply fill out your info to the right and select your trip to pay your remaining balance.

Please note: All online spring break remainder payments include a 3% processing fee to help cover the costs associated with selling things on the internet. If you’d like to save a few bucks, we’re happy to accept cash or check payments in person at CSF. Just find a staff member and they’ll help you make sure your money gets to the right place.



COST: $115

Bundle up in a cozy cabin in the hills while learning from our good friend C. S. Lewis. Read good books. Have good conversations. Reflect on the goodness of God through Nature and community.


The cost of this trip covers lodging, transportation, all meals throughout the trip, a few of the best books you’ll ever read, and any fun activities we might do.

Questions about this trip? Contact CJ.



COST: $125

Want to serve a family in need this spring break? Serve and connect with other students in this Habitat for Humanity build for people in our very own state– Owensboro, KY. You’ll have a blast. They’ll have a home.


The $125 includes all meals in Owensboro, transportation, all Habitat fees, housing, and one night of AWESOMENESS (aka bowling or ice skating)!

Questions about this trip? Contact RACHEL.



COST: $230

Explore two of the most historic and beautiful cities in America. Enjoy the scenery and serve the local inner city population. Maybe even take a side trip to Hilton Head Island. Service, tourism and the beach? Sounds like a plan.


Price includes travel expenses, most meals, and lodging. Price does not include meals while traveling, one ‘nicer’ meal in each city, or personal spending money.

Questions about this trip? Contact BRENDAN.



COST: $250

Have some fun AND serve this spring break. Serve families in the Lower Ninth Ward and give hope to the homeless population of New Orleans while also taking time to explore the uniqueness of The Big Easy.


The $250 covers lodging, transportation expenses (gas, tolls, etc.), most meals, and fun group activities. It does not cover a few dinners in Nola or meals while traveling.

Questions about this trip? Contact BRODIE.



COST: $360

Warm your body, warm your soul. Leave school behind and spend a week relaxing on the beach. Make some new friends. Maybe grow in your faith. To put it another way, 35 degrees in Lexington or 82 on the beach…’nuff said.


The cost of the trip will pay for gas/transportation to and from Florida. It will also include meals for the whole week, excluding meals on the way there and back. Lodging will be completely covered.

Questions about this trip? Contact CALEB.



COST: $365

Explore the city that never sleeps. We’ll be doing all kinds of awesome things. Meet new people, visit Hillsong Church, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and lots more. Take a bite out of the Big Apple and maybe catch a Broadway show too!


The cost of the trip covers lodging, transportation, tolls, parking, a Subway pass, and every breakfast. It does not cover lunch, dinner, or any other things you might want to do.
Questions about this trip? Contact MICHAEL.



COST: $475

Conquer the incredible slopes of the Rocky Mountains (or at least the bunny hills). You won’t find a cheaper ski trip out west, or better people to go with. Ski. Snowboard. Do a little bible study. And please, stay out of the hospital.

What’s included in the price?

The $475 includes lodging, lift ticket, transportation, and most food. It does not include price of rentals and food for on the way to and from Colorado. Ski Rentals are $80 if you need them. If not then everything but food on travel days is included!

Questions about this trip? Contact KAT.



Want a spring break that’s actually a break? Great. You’re looking in the right place. We’ll be going to a cabin on Nolan lake, just a couple of hours away from Lexington, and it’s only a half week, so you can have the last half of Spring Break to do whatever you want—go home, hang with friends in town, catch up on school work. But while you’re on the trip you’ll have your soul refreshed and also do some awesome stuff. Did I mention that it’s the cheapest trip? It is!

You probably have a lot of questions leading up to the trip, so we wanted to go ahead and answer some of those for you. If there are more questions, of course feel free to contact any of the CSF staff going on the trip (contact info and bios below).

(NOTE: The following is subject to change. All changes in the plan will be passed on to you.)


Nolan Lake (google it)
Sweet cabin, on a lake, minutes from the biggest cave in America. Perfect place to kick back.


This is a smaller trip, so we will have students carpool and caravan from the CSF building (gas is on us)!


The cost covers lodging, transportation costs, food, snacks, and you’ll get a book by C. S. Lewis! Things we won’t cover: dinner on the way down to the cabin. Saturday night you’ll be expected to grab food on the way. It’s on you, so go as cheap or expensive as you want on that meal! Mammoth cave is also nearby, and if you want to take an excursion down into the cave depths then you’ll be responsible for that cost (it’s not very expensive depending on which tour you take: $5-$20).


Here are a few:
This trip is meant to be refreshing, but that doesn’t just mean relaxing. The best way to rest is to soak up some goodness. So as a group we’ll be reading through some things by C. S. Lewis and discussing them. But we’ll also have some excursions over to Mammoth Cave National Park to do some hiking and, if you want, cave tours. We’ll watch the Cats play, and we’ll watch a movie or two!


Come! Have a good attitude! Be respectful to the lodging. Read the material and engage with it. Play King of Tokyo at least once. Root for the Cats.


Quite a bit. The point of the trip is to relax and refresh. If you have to catch up on homework, or you just want time to hang with friends, this is the trip for you. We’ll be doing quite a few things together as a group, but there will be plenty of time for you to do things you want as well.


15 students and a couple staff members! May have a guest appearance by Derek King, but don’t let that stop you from coming!
If you have more questions email me, CJ@UKCSF.ORG, or just find me around the CSF building. Or find Christian Farmer then email me when he doesn’t help you at all.


Come hang out and serve with great people in the beautiful city of Owensboro! Throughout the week, we will be working on building a house for a family in need. Working conditions are light and fun so no need to be intimidated. In the evenings we will have lots of free time to enjoy what Owensboro has to offer like ice skating, bowling, world famous moonlight BBQ, or just walking around and exploring downtown. In the evenings we will be hanging out in the Bible, playing basketball, and chowing down on all your favorite sugary snacks!

You probably have a lot of questions leading up to the trip, so we wanted to go ahead and answer some of those for you. If there are more questions, of course feel free to contact either of the leaders going on the trip (contact info and bios below).

(NOTE: The following is subject to change. All changes in the plan will be passed on to you.)


First Baptist Church
230 J.R. Miller Blvd
Owensboro, KY 42303

First Baptist Church provides large classrooms to sleep in as well as activities such as ping pong, pool, and arcade games. The church is also so generous that they give us use to their OUTSTANDING indoor basketball court and ample space for all sorts of activities! What more could you ask for?


You will be taking personal cars and gas will be paid for by the cost of the trip, so make sure you carpool! Owensboro is only three hours away but it is your job to keep the drive interesting. Bring your favorite music to sing along to and a couple of stray bucks to eat dinner on the way!


The $125 pays for gas, the Habitat for Humanity fees, food and snacks, bowling, ice skating, and a comfy place to stay. All of this for $125 you say? What a bargain!


Every day we will help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. There we will hang out with THE most amazing woman in the world, 50 years running, the one and only Mrs. Virginia! The female equivalent to Curt Vernon. For lunch and dinner various generous people within the community bring us delicious food to refill our working bodies, FOR FREE. After the build we will hang out at the church to play games and go hard on the basketball court, or even take a well-deserved nap. Remember to bring your favorite board and card games and be prepared to participate in planned activities such as ice skating and bowling as well as spend time to venture through downtown Owensboro. We will wine down every evening by digging into the Word together, so don’t forget your Bibles!


We expect an optimistic hardworking attitude while working on the build as well as a grateful heart towards our hosts. First Baptist Church was generous enough to provide us with a place to sleep in conjunction with allowing us to use their facilities. To express gratitude to the church it is important to treat their building with care and keep it squeaky clean throughout the week! In addition, various people and organizations around the community serve us lunch and dinner throughout the week. It is expected for you to fill up your plate, stuff your face, and say thank you!


A lot of free time will be provided on the trip. After finishing the build, free time will be available for the rest of the day aside from dinner, Bible study, and any planned activities. Free time includes taking a walk around downtown, playing basketball, and filling up on snacks while enjoying one another’s company.


Although there are no staff members going on the trip, we have two FANTASTIC students leading!

Isaac Allen (ilal222@g.uky.edu) A one year veteran of the Owensboro trip and six foot senior from Georgetown. Isaac is the undefeated champ on and off the basketball court in Owensboro with a perfect 83-0 record and 936,725 nails driven into the last Habitat house, can you beat him this year?

Rachel Garner (rachel@ukcsf.org) Another Owensboro veteran and four-foot eleven junior from Reading, Pennsylvania. Rachel is a Signs mastermind spending an average 3.4 seconds in the middle. She also bowled a consecutive 5 perfect games, will she come on top again? Come to Owensboro and find out.


Why go to one city over spring break when you can go to two? Double the double mint, double the cities. This spring break leave the Athens of the West, Lexington, and head to the Savannah of the South, Savannah Georgia. Spend the first half of you week dyeing the water green, hanging out with kids, and kicking it with the homeless in Savannah, Georgia. Then, take a midweek change and jump into the beautifully historic city of Charleston, South Carolina.

(NOTE: The following is subject to change. All changes in the plan will be passed on to you.)


In Savannah:
Bull Street Baptist Church
1400 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

In Charleston:
Northwood Baptist Church
2200 Greenridge Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406


Call it a party convey, call it a 15 passenger van, call it what you may. We will be riding down in style with wonderful passenger vans rented from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. You’ll get cozy with your van fam on an 8 hour drive to Savnannah. Don’t worry, we’ll have ice cream stops (if you play your cards right).


Transportation? Yes! We’ll get you to Savannah, to Charleston, and back to Lexington. What about places to stay? I’m not going to lie, it’s not going to be your parents’s couch but we’ll have places to stay and serve. I’m hungry, tell me more about food. We’ll serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week, but you’ll need to buy some cheap fast food (Taco Bell anyone?) on the way down and on the way back. Also, we’ll go out two nights during the week for some nice, local cooking. If you need band aids, we got you covered. Tums? Yep! What about socks? Nope, you gotta bring those. Will it buy me friends? Well, we don’t believe you can buy friends, but your money will certainly put you in close proximity to a lot of people with a lot of friend potential.


Savannah has a pretty big St. Patrick’s day celebration. It’s the second largest St. Patty’s Day celebration in the country, actually. They dye the fountains green and have a big ole party, but there are they crack down on public drunkenness and public indecency, so leave that at home. We will partner with Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah to help out with some homeless people and mentor some kids. In Charleston we will be serving along side Northwood Baptist Church.


Don’t set anything on fire. Don’t hurt any old people. Be gracious to people around you. Clean up after yourself at the churches; we don’t want it to look like a tornado flew around our rooms. Don’t go off by yourself. Let a staff member know what your doing if you’re not around us. Don’t fart too much in the van. Serve along side of us. Don’t start any tickle fights you’re not prepared to finish.


Every evening you’ll have free time to hang out with the people who came with us. We’ll take several trips in the cities to enjoy their beauty and historic-ness.


Brendan Westerfield (brendan@ukcsf.org): Leave your DVD Player at home. Being an actor, Brendan has thousands of lines from movies memorized, and is able to perform them flawlessly (ask him to act out Driving Miss Daisy. It’s his best). As an Ohio County native, Brendan has just the right amount of redneck in him. His favorite color is camo, and he once dropped that buck over yonder with his rifle as he was settin’ in the bed of his ole papaw’s Chevy.

Nicolas Scott (nicolas@ukcsf.org): Turtles, Tacomas, Taco Bell: these truest testaments to Nicolas (Tyler) Scott’s tastes. Tacomas triumph, taking the top tier. Tried and true, Toyota Tacoma Trucks transport toddlers and tagalongs to targeted turf. Taco Bell transfixes tongues to tasty thralls. Tortillas and tacos thrash and tromp, traversing treacherously through trachea’s twin. Turmoil transpires, testing the tolerance of the tummy tank. Turtles, cause, I mean, who doesn’t like turtles? Hopefully we’ll find one.

Ally Leaverton (ally@ukcsf.org): Internationally known for being able to find any space heater in a 15 mile radius, coffee connoisseur, left part of her heart in Honduras, recently engaged to her forever bae, trying to fit cats into lunchboxes since 1996, can dish out sass in two languages, and no- she’s not related to Grace Ann.

Sam Holmes (samh@ukcsf.org): Ohio runaway, novice skateboarder, color blind as a bat, UK basketball fanatic, stressed wedding planner, and unpaid business owner.

Amy Thornberry (amy@ukcsf.org): Jessamine County native, Ale8-One connoisseur, Legends of the Hidden Temple runner-up, Pug aficionado, making trucker hats look stylish since 2000, 6th Spice Girl (Swag Spice), she says her Twitter is recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists, she thinks her dog is cooler than you, lover of all things ‘Merica, voted “Most Likely To Take Over The World” by her high school classmates in 2010. She likes hugs.



We will be staying at the New Church on South Carrolton:
921 S. Carrolton Ave
New Orleans, LA, 70118
It’s ten minutes away from downtown New Orleans. It has lots of shops and restaurants available in walking distance to get a taste of the unique culture of the area. While we are sleeping on the floor/sleeping bags, the location and people are great! They are letting us stay there for free and giving us some service opportunities as well.


We’ll be taking 15 passenger vans (or as I like to call them: 12-new-best-friends-and-3-spots-for-luggage vans). It’s only a half a day drive and we’ll be stopping plenty often for bathroom breaks (the author of this has a tiny bladder) as well as giving those legs a stretch.


The $250.00 covers the transportation to get us to the Big Easy, several meals while we are there, an NBA game, and the best snacks you will ever eat. It doesn’t cover the meals on the travel days and a couple of dinners when we are out on the town. There are all kinds of cool hipstery restaurants with all kinds of cool hipstery foods, like Alligator Cheesecake. Say what?!


Our primary goal is to serve the city of New Orleans. We’ll be helping with some construction at the church where we are staying, assisting Capstone in aiding the local population, and partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank. Side effects include a good conscious, new friends, and lasting memories. We’ll also be exploring all that New Orleans has to offer to a tourist. Jazz. The French Quarter. Étouffée. Anthony Davis and Brandon Knight. That’s right, we’ll attend a Pelican’s game and watch former UK players throw down on the court. 10 of the people on our trip will get to be on the court to high five the players as they announce the players.


Hang out. Have fun. Be willing to serve. Make amazing friendships. Enjoy the unique culture of New Orleans (or at least try to). It’s pretty easy. The BIG Easy.


None. This isn’t about you. It’s about helping people, ya dingus. Just kidding. We have lots of time built in to explore New Orleans and hang out with the other awesome people on the trip.


Brittany “Badkinz” Adkins – Brittany is a female on staff. Her favorite color is beige and she enjoys not taking long walks on the beach. She prefers the sidewalk much more.

Brodie “Chef Bro-ar-dee” Clark – Brodie once used his unicorn-horn-hairstyle as a hammer while building a house with Habitat for Humanity. Now that he’s realized his hair’s full potential/strength, he has decided to restrain it in a luscious man bun, which he is taking with him to NOLA in order to better serve those around him.

Grace Ann “Florida” Profancik – Even “Florida” isn’t going on the Florida trip because this one is so awesome. Grace Ann has a love for seahorses that’s unparalleled, which is why her spring break goal is to find one on the Gulf Coast to keep in her heart forever – please, join us on this quest.

Michael “Nuggy Nugz” Brown – The Chicken Nugget Champion of the World will be taking a break from his International Nugget Tour to grace us with his presence in the city of spicy delicacies. He is hoping to find the perfect creole dipping sauce to fuel his spicy nugget passion. Consider this a personal invitation to join him (and the rest of the team) in his search.

You – This trip won’t be near as awesome if you don’t come with us. So sign up now!



Paradise on Earth. Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. And we found the single greatest place to stay at. It’s called the Beach Baptist Church and Retreat Center (beachbaptist.org). They have an in-house coffee shop, worship center, fully stocked kitchen, wrap-around porch, and plenty of room to act a fool (please be wise when acting a fool). But probably the best part about Beach Baptist is their proximity to the beach. Each morning you roll out of bed and BAZINGA your toes are in the sand.


We are gonna be hauling 3 massive charter buses and a couple 15 passenger vans. To split up the long travel-time, we will be staying overnight at churches in Georgia on the way there and on the way back. The only responsibility you have as a passenger is to have as much fun as possible. Invent your own game. Give your bus a cool name. Write your own rap song. Drive your bus off some sick ramps.


Yo money covers lodging, transportation, parking, and 13 meals. Extra costs include our one “fancy” dinner out ($20 should be the most you would have to pay for your “fancy” meal). Other meals that we don’t cover are the 2-3 meals on the way to and from Florida. $30-$35 should be enough to cover all of those meals. We also encourage you to bring at least $50 of spending money. Because you never know if you might want to buy some cool souvenirs like a shark-tooth necklace or flower-print shirt or a boogie board. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are jet-skis available for rent on the beach.


Close. An itinerary is basically our day-by-day plan for the week. Here it is: leave Lexington at 10AM on Saturday, March 14. Stay overnight in Alabama, then get to Ft. Myers on Sunday, March 15. Have the best week of our lives in Florida from Sunday to Friday. Leave Florida on Friday, March 20. Stay overnight in Alabama again, then get back to Lexington on Saturday, March 21.


The deadline to make your non-refundable $100 deposit is March 1st. The deadline to pay in full is Friday, March 13. If you aren’t fully paid by the 13th, you might not get to come. This is CSF’s most popular Spring Break trip, and if you aren’t paid up, your spot could be given away to someone who is. Fam.


We will be spending lots of time at the beach while in Ft. Myers. But this trip is also earnestly focused on growing you as a Christ follower. Every night we’ll be hearing some teaching from Dan Hamel + a CSF staff member. After a teaching time we’ll split up into small groups to reflect and pray. During the day you can play games like volleyball, spikeball, basketball, foursquare, soccer, etc. And if you are a fan of singing worship at night on the beach, then you’re in for a treat.


The biggest thing we ask is that you express gratitude to our hosts at every opportunity possible. Beach Baptist Retreat Center very generously offered their building for us to use for the week. We want to make sure that we are good stewards of what they have shared with us. As a way of expressing gratitude, we will be keeping their building squeaky clean. We’ll leave it cleaner than it was when we got there. We ask that you be a hurricane of cleanliness and gratitude. Say please and thank you to our hosts. And don’t text at the dinner table.


During the majority of the week-days, you will have the freedom to choose where to go and what to do. When we go to the beach, you will have all the freedom you want. But when you go somewhere far away with a small group of people, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK. We do ask that you try to stay with a small group and don’t run off for extended periods of time by yourself (or with your boyfriend/girlfriend). If you want to check out a cool museum/shopping center/concert in Ft. Myers while we are there, talk to one of the staff in charge of the trip, and we can see about getting a group together to go with you.


6 CSF staffers, plus a handful of renowned community leaders from Lexington. Curt Vernon will be leading worship and Southland’s own Dan Hamel will be leading bible study each night.

CSF Staff leaders:

Maddie Piercemaddie@ukcsf.org – Good luck trying to be in a bad mood around Maddie. She’ll set just about anything aside if it means she gets to talk to you. She loves to pray with people and she’s dang good at it. She’s engaged to Woff so sorry about your luck, guys.

Melody Thoburnmelody@ukcsf.org – Melody is really joyful. Like Maddie, she’s hard to be in a bad mood around. If you let her tell you a story, be prepared for multiple hand gestures and sound effects. She is really funny and she also cries during movies. She is artsy and spontaneous. You can probably peer pressure her into doing something outrageous.

Allen Warfordallen@ukcsf.org – If you thought Blake Morris was cool, wait until you get to know Allen Warford. He’s the younger, more athletic, manlier version of Blake. Sleep is low on his priority list. Beard growing, Djing, cracking jokes, and dressing better than you are high priorities. He asks good questions and gives good answers. He’s worth some of your time this spring break.

Ryan Kaffenbergerryan@ukcsf.org – Have a question about scripture or high-top shoes? Ryan is your man. His glasses are proof that his eyes can’t keep up with the demand of his reading habits. Ryan is calm, cool, and relatable. He loves CSF so much that he said “no, thanks” to a lucrative job offer in order to serve on staff.

Caleb McKinleycaleb@ukcsf.org – Want to be introduced to music you’ve never heard before? Talk to Caleb. Enjoy weird, random humor? Definitely talk to Caleb. He’s a minor twitter celebrity and he plays guitar pretty dang well too. Basically what I’m saying is he’s got his life together more than you do.

Keith McMunnkeith@ukcsf.org – He displays leadership qualities that rival the greatest leaders in history like Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, and Coach Gordon Bombay. Each day brings a new brilliant idea from Keith’s creative mind. You can catch him on any given weekend developing his inventions, such as the soon-to-be-popular Inflatable Choo Choo Train Toilet Seat And Waffle Iron.


The following is information on one of the greatest spring break trips ever—going to New York City with CSF. We know you all will have a lot of questions leading up to the trip, so we wanted to go ahead and answer some of those for you. If there are more questions, of course feel free to contact any of the CSF staff going on the trip (contact info and bios below). But let’s get one thing clear—we want you on this trip. And if you come your life will be changed forever.

(NOTE: The following is subject to change. Nothing is 100% finalized, but this is more than likely what will happen)

When will we be going?

We will be leaving very early in the morning on Saturday, March 14th and arriving in New York that night. We will be spending 6 days in the city and returning to Lexington on Saturday, March 21st. It has come to our attention that some of you on-campus-dorm-livers will be asked to vacate your bedrooms that Friday night before departure. If that is the case, let us know and we can help you find arrangements for the evening

Where will we be staying in New York?

In the heart of Manhattan! We stay at a church called “10th Street Church of Christ”, right off 1st avenue (Lower East Side). It’s only 4 blocks away from a Subway stop and walking distance from Chinatown and Soho (shopping capital of the world…looking at you, ladies). You’ll also get to meet the wonderful Pastor Keith, who is a certified baller. While you will either be sleeping on the floor or on cushioned pews, the location is great and insanely cheap for staying in manhattan.

How are we getting there?

We will be taking 15 passenger vans, leaving early Saturday morning and getting there that night. These babies can be convenient and easy to transport luggage with. Plus- everyone knows the friends you make in 15 passenger vans last a lifetime! You may have heard that last year two of our vans were stolen off the streets of Brooklyn, but don’t you worry, we’ll be staying one step ahead of the thieves this year by bringing a couple extra vans. No hitchhiking back to Kentucky this time!

What does the $350 cover?

The $350 covers lodging, transportation, tolls, parking, a Subway pass, and every breakfast. It does not cover lunch, dinner, or any other things you might want to do. We realize that one of the great things about New York is trying out fun places to eat. So even if we “provided lunch and dinner”, you probably wouldn’t eat it anyway. Keep in mind that New York is slightly more expensive than Kentucky. If you go out to eat at a nice restaurant, you’re looking at closer to $20-$35 instead of around $15. A trip to Chipotle might cost you $8-10 instead of $6-8. Something to keep in mind while deciding how much extra money to bring. Also researching potential costs for whatever you might want to do is a good idea. But there is a lot of fun to be had without spending a dime (see below).

What will we do when we get there?

Well…basically whatever you want. There will be a few group times that we’ll ask everyone to be at, and on one of our first days we’ll do a city-wide scavenger hunt (if you think it sounds lame…you’re just wrong). Throughout the week we’ll be reading the Bible together, but we’ll be sure to leave plenty of free time for you – we want you all to enjoy exploring the city the way you want to do it. We’ll have some suggested activities along the way like a visit to the world famous Hillsong Church of NYC or soaking up the lights of Times Square, and if you’re interested in serving, there will be opportunities for that as well. And if you let us know ahead of time that you want to do multiple days of service, we can get you in touch with some great organizations.

Is it safe?

Yes. Just be smart. Like Lexington, it’s probably not the best idea to go strolling around by yourself at night. In fact, we’re just going to ask everyone—night or day—to stay with at least one other person throughout the trip. It helps with safety and it’s just more fun. But if you use your head, you’ll no doubt be fine.

I’ve never been to New York…what should I do when I get there?!

Obviously, New York is filled with a kajillion things to do. It can honestly be overwhelming. Here are a few things you won’t want to miss: (cost in parenthesis)

  • Times Square at night – There’s nothing like it. The #1 reason why there’s no City like NYC (Free)
  • Central Park during the day – Take a stroll. Feed some ducks. Explore the castle. It’s a little different than the arboretum. (Free)
  • The Shows – Of course there’s Broadway, which you’ll have an opportunity to visit. But also Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, and so on. If you plan ahead of time, you can really see some amazing things. (Free-$50)
  • Top of the rock – If you’re willing to spend the extra money, this is the best view the city has to offer (yes…better than the top of the Empire State Building) ($25-30)
  • The usual touristy stuff – Ok, there’s a reason why people like visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the world trade center memorial, the Empire State building, etc. (Free)
  • Cathedrals – New York is home to some jaw dropping Cathedrals. St. Patricks and St. John of the Divine are filled with incredible art and architecture (and they aren’t bad places to pray either). (Free)
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at night – This is simply a must. Take the Subway over to the Brooklyn side and walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Don’t leave the City without doing this. (Free)
  • Shake Shack – Aziz Ansari said the thing he missed most about New York City? The Shake Shack. Seriously…I’m craving it writing this now. (The Madison Square Park location is the best) ($12)
  • NBA Games – Both the Knicks and the Nets will have home games during our trip, so why wouldn’t you grab the opportunity to visit the Worlds Most Famous Arena or the House that Jay-Z Built? ($10-50, depending on ticket prices)
  • MET – One of the top Art museums in the world. Definitely worth a few of your hours. (On donation)

Of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface. If you’re wondering of other fun things to do (maybe even some of the “off the radar” things), come talk to one of the staff and we can help you out.

Can I plan for some of those things ahead of time?

We will try to find a good balance of scheduled group time with free time. We know you want to go to shows, etc, but we also want you to have time to get to know other people on the trip. We are also planning on having some Bible study times on most of our days there. Here’s what I recommend. Don’t make any plans for Sunday at all, and leave Monday night and Friday night, and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings open as well. These are the most likely times we will be organizing group meetings. Also, please keep in mind that due to constraints of staying in a church, we will have a curfew of 12 midnight each night unless granted special permission.

One piece of advice, we know that if you’d like to go ahead and buy tickets, you’re welcome to do so. But a lot of times you can get tickets on the morning before a show or game for much cheaper than if you bought them ahead of time. This can be riskier, because you might miss out on the show you really want to see, but it is another option.

Who is going with us?

Oh, just the greatest people in the world. We aren’t sure on how many students will be going, but we would guess anywhere from 30-60. Here are the staff that are going, including a little bio on them and how to get in touch with them:

Michael Rundell (michaelr@ukcsf.org) More than likely, he will be running around and kicking a soccer ball the first time you meet him. This guy channels European fashion with his haircut, and he has a great love for anything international.

Leeza Ewashko (leeza@ukcsf.org) She’s got an incredible eye for design, a great last name, and has by far the most underrated sense of humor on staff. She may be a bit quiet at first, but you’ll soon find out that she full of laughs and energy.

Jamika Johns (jamika@ukcsf.org) Want to meet the coolest girl on staff? She’s the life of the party. Want to embrace you’re inner Lecrae? She’ll show you how. If you want to have a great time on this trip, make sure you stick by this girls side.

Josef Pleli (josef@ukcsf.org) More commonly known as Jax, he’s in charge of tech stuff here at CSF. Lights, video, sound – he’s your guy. But beyond technology, he’s a quiet hobbit at heart, loving the outdoors, cooking, and reading a good book.

Kyle Turner (kyle@ukcsf.org) You may have seen this guy on stage more than a few times at Synergy last semester, and he’s bringing his musical talents on this trip. A veteran of NYC, he knows the best places to eat and the sights to see, so make sure you make friends with him.

Again, if you have any other questions, we’d love to hear them. Feel free to email any of the above humans and you will get a response back. We are so excited you’re interested in joining us on this great adventure to New York City.

***This document may not be shared or redistributed without the expressed, written consent of Christian Student Fellowship. Just kidding. Share it with all your friends! Now. So they will see how awesome this trip is and want to join us too.***


This March, a great group of students and three CSF staff; Kat Towles, Tater Cunningham, and Rebecca Cole, will be heading out to Copper Mountain, Colorado. This week long trip will be filled with skiing/snowboarding on one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado, food, and a great community of people. We are staying in a cabin that includes a large living space, many beds, a hot tub, a fireplace, pool table, and is located just south of Breckenridge. Finally, we will be spending the week studying the bible and growing closer to God and a community friends. This is the trip to come on if you want an experience of a life time!

Where will we be staying?

On the way out to Colorado, we will be stopping in Kansas City to stay at:

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church
Overland park, KS
11100 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 345-1256

During the week in Copper Mountain we will be staying at:
Glory Lodge
Ryan Greff
Phone: (970) 406-8165

On the way back we will stop in Missouri:
Campus House- Mizzou

How are we getting there?

We will be taking three 15 passenger vans!

What does the $475 cover?

The $475 will help to cover your lodging, transportation, lift ticket, and meals while in Colorado (travel days you will be required to buy your own food, and one day in Colorado when we go out to dinner). THIS DOES NOT COVER RENTALS!

What will we be doing when we get there?

Our night in Colorado, we will just settle into the lodge, allowing you all the chance to stretch, hangout, and play games. Each night, we will also take some time to split into small groups and focus on a specific passage in the Bible. We are excited to grow as a small community and learn about God and His amazing love. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be days on the mountain! After spending the day out on the slopes, you’ll head back to the lodge, clean up, eat some great dinner, and then break into small groups for Bible study. There will be time after devotions for playing games and hanging out. Wednesday will be a free day! We’ll go exploring, skating, shopping, etc. There is the option of skiing that day also.

What is expected of me?

First and foremost, we want to make sure we are great guests to all the people/places hosting us. Make sure to take extra care of wherever we are! Secondly, you gotta have fun! Laugh a lot, make new friends and memories, see the beauty and love of God on display daily.